ten ways to be a far greater cougar hunter

ten ways to be a far greater cougar hunter

Oregon’s society around six,100 cougars uses up a multitude of environment over the condition, offering a-year-bullet, readily-obtainable query options.

Its nocturnal patterns and you will stealthy profile make cougars a difficult big game animal to take a look. ODFW animals professional Scott Napoli on the Light River Wildlife Urban area and you can biologist Herman Biederbeck on north Shore give these suggestions to help you harvest a lot more cougars.


Abandon the diary. Cold weather, just after almost every other huge video game 12 months possess signed, is a great time for you appear cougar. Moist, cold ground helps it be simpler to tune cougar. And additionally deer and elk beginning to focus in the all the way down elevation portion, to be biggest web sites in order to starving cougars.


  • Before your pursuit, spend time in the field scouting to have cougar the same way a keen elk hunter scouts for elk.
  • To acquire cougar sign particularly music (make sure you understand what a great cougar tune ends up), kills internet (cougars safeguards its destroy and return to they afterwards) plus odor indicators (an abrasion away from renders and you will twigs one to cougars used to mark the territories with pee and you may poo).
  • File everything you select into a chart otherwise GPS. Because you begin to gather research, you could begin seeing patterns in the way a beneficial cougar trip during the their territory.


Created trail cams to the ridgelines and video game tracks to see what are you doing if you find yourself maybe not there. Even better, work with canyon section, where kitties want to spend time.


Fool around with some good calls. Predator contacting is the better selection for targeting cougars and being winning. But expect you’ll put money into a name. Think both the supply of the audio he’s recording and you may the quality of the latest digital playback.

You should never neglect having fun with pet calls. Cougars are territorial and are also planning to read the the fresh new voice of some other pet inside their territory.


Call long and difficult. Name prolonged to have kittens – forty five times away from continuous getting in touch with or even more. Twenty minutes away from calling now and then may benefit certain predators particularly coyote, however it is maybe not how to call cougar.


Call safely. Kitties was quiet and you will stealthy – you will not want you to definitely coming up on you while you are getting in touch with. Here’s a few from strategies to stay safe.

  • Call when you’re seated straight back-to-straight back that have a pal. You’ll have an excellent 360 degree glance at surrounding you and also be in a position to just take converts getting in touch with while the loud and you will much time since you normally.
  • Install with your back again to something similar to a tall canyon wall structure which can continue an effective cougar out of coming upwards trailing your.
  • Sit nevertheless, especially when having fun with mouth calls. Moving may cause a beneficial cougar to trust you happen to be the fresh victim.


Think a relocation . Place one up and start getting in touch with in the a kill web site otherwise canyon entrances and find out having cougar.


  • Be silent. After you reach their hunting site, play the role of since the stealthy since pets you may be bing search. Do not slam the automobile doors, keep talk in order to minimal, go slowly and you will quietly to your getting in touch with site, an such like http://hookupdate.net/escort-index/milwaukee.
  • Control your odor — cougars possess a keen sense of smell. In which it is possible to, developed downwind of the advice at which you would expect good cougar in order to means, explore smell sprays to alleviate your attire.
  • Take advantage of shade and you can coverage to make oneself much harder having a cat observe.


Prepare yourself, even though you commonly fundamentally cougar browse. Most cougars are noticed and you will removed from the deer and you may elk seekers. Possess a great cougar level with the you can employ when a great cougar possibility presents itself.


Believe cougar for lunch. Many people do not know how well cougar chicken will be, making it worthy of delivering certain back band household and giving it an attempt. (Even in the event you are not legitimately required to rescue cougar beef.)